Brief Report on Some Projects

John Voster School

Ninety Six Thousand Three Hundred

The Afrisun East Rand Community Trust in celebrating their 10th birthday undertook to refurbish and repair the ablution blocks for girls and boys at the local school. Trustees were requested to select a school in their area and manage the project.


Goede Hoop School

One Hundred and Fifty thousand Rand

The Afrisun East Rand Community Trust in celebrating their 10th birthday undertook to refurbish and repair the ablution blocks for girls and boys at the local school. Trustees were requested to select a school in their area and manage the project.


Drommedaris School

Eighty Five Thousand Rand

The Afrisun East Rand Community Trust in celebrating their 10th birthday undertook to refurbish and repair the ablution blocks for girls and boys at the local school. Trustees were requested to select a school in their area and manage the project.


Khotso Mokoena

Thirty Thousand Rand

The long jump champion returned from his international participation, with two silver and one gold medal, AERCT rewarded him at an event at Carnival City


Benoni Wrestling Club

Ninety Six Thousand Rand

Thirty Seven youngsters all in a place of safety in Benoni were selected to represent Ekurhuleni and Gauteng in wrestling


Young Boys FC

Eighteen Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Rand

The young groups from Endicott were treated to a new soccer kit, soccer balls, tracksuits and equipment.


Giving Sight

Eighteen Thousand Rand

Thirty two residents ranging from seventy to ninety eight years old received an eye test, refreshment while they waited and a new set of spectacles at the Vosloorus Old Age Home. For some residents this was their first pair of spectacles in twenty years.


Youth Day Blankets

Sixteen Thousand Five Hundred Rand

One thousand two hundred blankets and five hundred scarves and caps were purchased and handed out to the street children in the surrounding area as well as the homeless and destitute in Kwa Thema, Tsakane, Vosloorus, and Brakpan.



Pumalong Disaster

Thirteen Thousand Five Hundred and Fourteen Rand

Fires at the local Old Age Home led to the loss of twelve lives, the remaining residents were moved to three homes. AERCT assisted with the purchase of clothing, blankets, toiletries and slippers for each survivor.


Eastern Junior Cricket Zimbabwean Tour

Thirty Thousand Rand

The 2010 winner of the Cricket Festival were unable to raise the necessary fund required to attend the 2011 festival. AERCT assisted with the cost of travelling expenses.


Madiba Day Celebration

Ninety Thousand Rand

Each Trustee nominated on scholar in their area to receive their annual schools fees paid for or registration for tertiary education for 2012.


Brakpan High Science Lab

One Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand Four Hundred and Fourty Four Rand

An assessment of the school science lab was done by Edutrade, the existing class was modified as per the standard requirements by the GDE, educators were assessed and giving up to date training on the product and cubiculum, Edutrade supplied all required equipment and chemicals for the Science Lab.


Madiba Carnival Food parcels

Five Thousand Rand

Food parcels were purchased and delivered to Carnival City Wellness Committee, for hand out to needy families


Softball 2011

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rand

The annual softball development sponsorship for Ekurhuleni


Rene Institute Nail Technician

Fourty Nine Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty Rand

The total cost for the final year students, specializing in ethnic and Caucasian hair dressing


Ndlhelenhle Primary School

Two Hundred and Fifty Nine Thousand Rand

Ndlhelenhle based in Vosloorus, is home to over 900 students, AERCT assisted with converting an old store room into a fully function kitchen, including all equipment and utensils, assisted with the shelving and security for the food bank store room.


Easter Summer Development Cricket

Two Hundred Thousand

The annual cricket development program, identifying young talent throughout Ekurhuleni and transporting them to Benoni Cricket grounds for training and development

Be An Angel

Fifty Thousand Rand

The local radio station, East Rand Stereo, fund raising telephone drive, raising funds for disadvantage communities for winter warmth



Twenty One Thousand Rand

A previous employee of Carnival City who was chosen to represent SA in USA for the Ballroom Dancing World championships, AERCT assisted with the design and manufacture of the ball gown and dress suit.


Vosloorus Comprehensive High School

Three Hundred Thousand Rand

AERCT visited Comprehensive High on Madiba day, the 2099 Matric class embarked on an improvement project, AERCT assisted with the conversation of an existing class room into a science lab, replaced the ceilings and windows, all educators were given basic training on the chemicals and equipment, Edutrade supplied all science and technology equipment and chemicals. Plumbing and basins were supplied and installed.


Carnival City 21km Road Race

Twenty Two Thousand Five Hundred rand

AERCT assist with the purchase of the medals


Duduza Tornado

Ninety Seven Thousand Rand

A disaster area, AERCT together with Carnival City CSI, purchase toiletries, medication, basic food parcels, clothing and baby items for this community.


Ntombi Mnguni


A young Matric girl who due to financial implications was not able to attend her Matric farewell, AERCT beauty students did a makeover, supply hair, make up and nails, CC staff purchase her a ball gown, she had dinner at a local restaurant and attended the Bebe Winans show and got to meet the star.


Bafwethu Poultry

One Hundred and Fourty Thousand Rand

A poultry project/farm run and managed by Trustee Tshabangu, the [property was sub leased to women in the community, AERCT assisted with funding for training at Buhle Poultry academy, the alterations of the existing chicken coop, the supply of the electricity cables and chick feeders, purchased the first two batches of chick, food, medication and supplements.






Giving Sight Kwa Thema

Thirty nine Thousand Five Hundred

The residents of the Home for the Aged were given eye test; those that are not covered by medial aid received new spectacles. This was a partnership with local Optician Dr. Patrick Ncube, who assisted with a rebated cost of between R300.00 and R500.00 per patient; this included the eye test, the frames and the spectacles. Certain patients were also referred to the optic clinic, where they underwent cataract surgery.


Giving Sight San Michelle

Twenty Five Thousand Rand

The residents were given eye test; those that are not covered by medial aid received new spectacles. To giving sight project, brought a new light to many elderly in the home and care centers.



Twenty Thousand Rand

A corporate table was purchased for the annual gala dinner in raising funds for this HIV Centre.


Carnival Kidz Christmas 2011

One Hundred Thousand Rand

The annual Carnival Kidz Christmas function where Carnival City and AERCT invite six hundred children for a fun filled day.


Vostoc 2011 December Games

Three Hundred Thousand Rand

The annual Soccer tournament in Vosloorus for the youth soccer teams from Ekurhuleni, 2012 is the final year of the sponsorship


Philane Sithole

Two Thousand Four Hundred and Fourty Rand

A young boy who was orphaned from Lesabe School, approached AERCT to assist with his school uniform for high school, the book pack, school registration fee and uniform was purchased.


AERCT Christmas Food Parcels

Two Hundred and Ninety Six Thousand Rand

Disadvantaged communities identified throughout Ekurhuleni received a food parcel from the Trustees.









Villa Themba

One Hundred and Eighty Five Thousand Rand

Villa Themba is a home in Kempton Park for children under the age of five years old that have been abused, neglected or abandoned at birth. AERCT assisted with the renovation of the kitchen and living quarters.


SME Business Seminar

Fifty Thousand Rand

AERCT and Carnival City hosted 250 sme’s from Ekurhuleni, with guest speakers from DTI, GEP, Nedbank and Sars to name a few, allowing the small business further information of tenders, funding and company registration.


Kwa Thema Disabled

Thirty Thousand Eight Hundred Rand

These athletes were invited to partake in the SA Games in Kwa Zulu Natal; AERCT assisted with travelling and accommodation costs.


Royal Hair

Five Hundred and Fourty Thousand Rand

The trustees nominated fourteen young girls to attend the Royal Hair academy in Johannesburg for a twelve month training program on ethnic and Caucasian hair dressing, thereafter each student will do a one year internship and the final year exam in 2014.


Kutlwano Social Organization

Twenty Thousand Rand

A corporate table was purchased in raining funds for disadvantaged communities


Branco productions

Twenty Thousand Rand

A corporate table was purchase for the gala dinner in raising funds for boxing development in around Gauteng.


Benoni Wrestling Club

One Hundred and Thirty Seven Thousand Rand

The wrestling club approached AERCT for funding for the second year, AERCT assisted with the wrestling kit and mat. Twelve of the members are from the Benoni Place of Safety for orphaned Children, six members of the group were selected to represent Gauteng and three received a study bursary.


Ekurhuleni Youth Soccer

Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Rand

AERCT assisted with the purchase of the soccer training kit, cones and balls.


EJCCA Cricket Bursary 2012

Fifty Thousand Rand

The annual bursary for disadvantaged cricket players in the development team, who each receive a scholarship at a local high school including the uniform and hostel costs.


Elim Drug Rehab

One Hundred and Fourty Five Thousand Rand

AERCT purchased and installed a walk in cold room, as the existing one was irreparable due to age as well as the ward and dining area furniture in the Mal Adult Drug Unit.


EJCCA Cricket Development

Three Hundred Thousand Rand

The 2012 annual cricket development funding, cricket kits and uniforms are purchased for the disadvantaged communities in Ekurhuleni, students are then transported to the cricket fields in Benoni, training and ethics are taught daily, youngsters are then identified for development school, which also takes place at Willowmore Park, all participants are also invited to take part in the annual African Cricket Festival held in June each year.


Edenvale International Hydro

Six Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand Rand

With the success of the beauty students and the Stiener contract, AERCT identified Edenvale International School of beauty, each Trustee nominated applicants, fifteen girls were selected to partake in the year long program.


Kommando Primary School

Four Hundred Thousand Rand

Kommando Primary was established in 1907, build to accommodate 300 students, currently it is home to 900 students from the local Brakpan area, AERCT committed to refurbishing the ablution facilities as well as the repair of a severely damaged classroom, which has infrastructural damage due to age. This project was over four quarters.


Thakgalang Primary School

Four Hundred Thousand Rand

A school in Duduza, AERCT assisted with the painting of the interior and exterior building as well as the drainage system and ablution block


Learning Empowerment Social Centre

Seventeen Thousand Eight Hundred Rand

AERCT assisted with office furniture for this centre, which assists young students in career guidance and possible employment.


SAPS Awards 2012

Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rand

The annual merit awards for men and women in uniform, held in the Big Top Arena at Carnival City, this year’s awards drew huge interest from the Media as the FaceBook Killer arresting officer had been nominated for an award, sadly he passed away two days before the awards, his family received his award.


SCI CO 2012

One Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand Rand

AERCT in partnership with Carnival City, fund the Saturday and holiday school, based at Brakpan High, for grade ten, eleven and twelve in extra lesson in maths, science,

English and technology.



Abraham Kriel Children’s Home

Thirty Thousand Rand

A corporate table was purchased in raising funds for this Children’s orphanage


HTA 3rd Quarter

Twenty Seven Thousand Rand

Dineo and Thembi from Fedics, received sponsorship for the third and final year of their international Chef Diploma at HTA in Randburg, AERCT also assisted in the transport costs.


Community Radio Afrisun Carnival Cares

Three Hundred and Eight


Currently in Ekurhuleni, we have numerous community Radio Stations to name a few in our area,

Radio East Rand based in springs and broadcasting for over twelve years

Radio eKFM based in Tsakane and broadcasting for one week

Kazi FM based in Vosloorus and broadcasting for five years

Radio Tembisa based in Tembisa


Quarterly the Afrisun Trust has receive proposals, requesting financial assistance for studio equipment, license fees for broadcasting, studio furniture and equipment as well as running costs.

The Afrisun Trust has previously declined these requests due to the vast amount requested, as well as keeping in line with the compliance agreement with the Gauteng Gaming Board and the Afrisun Bid Document.

All the stations broadcast from safe and secure properties, have obtained all the necessary licenses, have basic office furniture and equipment as well as a fully equipped studio.

They have shown determination and progress, Tsakane Radio station eKFM was launched the first week of April, AERCT attend the launch and was surprised at the amount of work and perseverance this group has had. The station is run and managed by the youth and very professionally so.


These stations broadcast 24 hours a day, reaching the entire community and because of the community based subjects the locals tune in and participate on a daily basis, their listenership has grown and this has proved to be a much needed and much wanted way of communication with Ekurhuleni Communities.


The Proposed Project:

AERCT and Carnival City to partner with all the stations in a community cares project.

AERCT and Carnival City are allocated a half hour time slot on a monthly program on each station, discussing relevant problems in the immediate community, current projects AERCT/CC are working on as well as successful projects completed. AERCT/CC will also be in a position to offer at no cost to the station, professional guest speakers to the show to address relevant issues to the community, Social Welfare, Department of Education, Sports and Recreation, Professional HIV Aids advise, Health and Welfare, not only addressing social and health issues but also small business registration, possible funding for the SME from DTI, NYDA and GEP.

This platform will also allow Carnival City to offer tickets for shows or dinners to listeners to phone in and win, allowing CC a marketing opportunity of getting the shows and entertainment bill to the people.

Each station will invite listeners to identify projects in their area making them socially aware of their community’s needs. These projects would have to be compliant as to the AERCT/CC requirements as per the Gauteng Gaming Board, Sun International and Afrisun Trust. These projects will be submitted to the station directly, a member of the station as well as the Trustees will assess the projects submitted, on a quarterly period one project will be selected and funded to the value of R70 000.00, with the station managing the process with the community.

On an annual basis the stations participating will be entered into the yearend competition, the station who has reached out to the community and assisted with community projects and challenges will stand in line to win First prize R50 000.00, Second prize R30 000.00, Third prize R15 000.00 and Fourth prize R5 000.00 worth of studio equipment, office equipment or furniture. Stations will interact with each other, making communities aware of what is happening in other areas, a suggestion would be a sms line, voting for your favorite station, a print media competition with the local newspaper.

With this project we will reach new communities, we will empower the locals to take ownership of their projects as well as get the Afrisun Trust work and commitment to Ekurhuleni known to the people.

The station will also benefit and have the opportunity to gain financially with AERCT and CC as a partner, growing their listenership and benefiting from the print Media coverage.

Corporate Image, the CC/AERCT PR Agency would do a quarterly media release to all print media, as well as the Sun International magazines and newsletter.


EJCCA Cricket Festival

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rand

The annual African Festival held at Willowmore Park in Benoni, teams from all over Africa participate for the trophy. The local players, who have benefited from the development program, represent Ekurhuleni.



Madiba Day 2012

Two Hundred and Twenty thousand Rand

Trustees are invited to nominate outstanding students or students who are from child headed families, AERCT then assists with outstanding school fees, uniform, books or as in the majority of the spend, registration fees for higher education facilities.


Blanket Drive

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand

Blankets, warm hats and scarves were purchased; each Trustee handed out One Hundred of these packs to individuals in their surrounding communities.


Eden park primary (This project is on hold due to a pending issue with GDE)

Twenty Thousand

A newly build school, AERCT assisted with educational wall hanging and the school name board and details.


Sci Com Booster

Fourty two thousand

A matric Booster fund, this was allocated to existing project Sci Com for the Matric of 2012 to boost their studies before the final exam


Lions Peace Poster

Twenty Five Thousand

AERCT assisted with the cost of the poster packs, which are distributed to each school in Ekurhuleni to take part in the Lions Peace Poster Competition


Agang Womens corporate table

Ten Thousand

AERCT purchased a corporate table at this fund raising event


Rene School of Beauty

Fourty Four Thousand

The final student at Rene’s completing her one year in hair and beauty from the intake of 2011.


Sexual Assault Clinic

Fourty Four Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Rand

AERCT assisted with the funding of the purchase of a Colposcopy machine wish is used in identify sodomy assaults, the clinic has found that the rate of sodomy in young boys has grown by 30% over the past year and the equipment would assist the staff also making the examination a lot less traumatic for the victim.



Festive Food Parcels

Two Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand Rand

Seven Hundred Food parcels were purchased from a local supplier and distributed throughout Ekurhuleni to individual families and organizations.


Puma Rangers

Twenty Thousand Rand

AERCT assisted with the soccer kits, cones and balls for this local team.


Ekurhuleni Boxing Development

Seven Thousand Rand

An initiative by the Metro Council Department of Sports to re instate boxing in Ekurhuleni, AERCT assist with the purchase of boxing gloves from Title.


Vostoc Soccer December 2012

Three Hundred Thousand

The third and final year of the AERCT sponsorship, this festival has grown over the years and attracts teams from all around South Africa in soccer and netball, the tournament starts on the 14th of December and runs to the final on the 30th December, where the runners up receive a trophy, medals and cash prize and the winning team receives, new kit, trophies and cash prize.

Ekurhuleni Department of sports Kwadudza Festival

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand

The Ekurhuleni Department of Sport invited AERCT to partner in the Kwaduza Games, the tournament kicks off on the 18th December in Duduza, Semi Finals are played in Kwa Thema and the final are played in Tsakane on the 30th December. AERCT funded the prize monies.


Business Seminar for SME’s (second)

Fifty Thousand Rand

The second small business seminar was hosted at Carnival City, Guest speakers from Nedbank, Standard Bank, NYDA, GEP were just a few to attend, offering the attendees assistance with registering small companies, applying for funding, branding and marketing funding as well as business management, BBBEE and corporate governance codes of practice.

A highlight of the event was that numerous businesses were offered the opportunity of registering with Carnival City to become a preferred service provider.

Three Companies attending were successful in obtaining contracts with other corporates attending the seminar.


Carnival Kidz Xmas 2012

One Hundred and Thirty

The annual Carnival City Afrisun Trust Kidz Christmas function, in 2012 Seven Hundred children are invited to a fun filled day and a gift from Father Christmas. This year saw a visit from the National Women’s soccer team joining in and playing a match with the children.



Highlights for 2012


AERCT working closely with local services providers were able to assist these SME’s to reach new markets and grow their company in the process creating employment in their field.


Vakundi Construction was invited via AERCT to attend the Electro show in Mumbai, gaining huge experience and knowledge from the visit, Vakundi returned to SA with a contract for the supply and installation of energy saving electrical products and heating equipment. This is a long term project and Vakundi will be in a position to create in excess of nine jobs for the previously unemployed.


KTMJ were invited to tender as a preferred service provider for Steritec SA, KTMJ were successful and currently they are operating from the Steritec offices and are undergoing training in the chemical and bacteria field.


Faluchia Maintenance working closely with AERCT and the GDE on the educational ablution upgrades, were requested to tender for ablution block revamps with the Department of Education, they attended health and safety training, applied and received all the necessary documentation and have received their first tender, creating job opportunities for eight people.


Vilakasi Gardens, working closely with AERCT at schools and preschools, they applied to Sun International for financial assistance, the Enterprise Development funding was granted for equipment, they also received a contract to maintain the island outside Carnival City and the opportunity to work and gain experience from Top Turf, the current service provider of the gardens.


Phat Classics, the décor and equipment hiring company that supplied the outdoor tents, toilets and furniture for the annual Christmas function, submitted their proposal to carnival City for the back of house and staff canteen décor for the Christmas period, they were successful and were given the contract for the December Décor and have been logged on to the system as a Carnival City service provider should opportunities arise for them to quote on.


Kampande Photography applied to Sun International Enterprise Development funding for printing equipment, this was granted, they also received a one year photography course at Vega School of Photography from Carnival City, and they have currently been able to employ five previously unemployed individuals as well as offer training and mentorship for local young photographers as sub-contractors for Kampande


Positive Cycle, the organic and food garden SME, successfully runs weekend workshops, which are sponsored by Corporates for Township food gardens, has been able to secure a position at two local organic garden markets each weekend as well as manufacturing and selling of organic produce and wormeries, being able to create employment for three individuals and having one individual successfully owning his own food garden selling directly to the public.


Tswaing training and workshop, were introduced to  St. Anthony’s Center in Reiger Park, they have been successful in obtaining a two year contract for basic business, financial and marketing training for sponsored individuals, they are SETA accredited and are currently investigating designing their own training  manuals.


Oratile Corporate gifts, AERCT sourced the local supplier, purchased gifts for the SAPS awards 2012; they were then introduced to Carnival City, where they have been registered on to the service provider data bank.


All the above Companies were assisted by AERCT in one way or another in regard to the necessary documentation, SARS clearance, and Bank confirmation, registration of company, BBBEE certification as well as company profile and references.





Stiener Cruise Liners Candidates:

Over the past four years AERCT has with the assistance on Stiener One Spa, identified you girls who have attend Beauty and Hair programme offered by AERCT, to attend the Stiener training in Cape Town, AERCT has been successful in placing these young girls on board the Five and Six star Cruise Liner for a nine month period, touring the world and working as beauticians and nail technicians.

Two girls have travelled extensively visiting 104 Countries in an eight month period, during the World Cruise, the cruise liners range from a four star to a six star vessel, the smaller vessels accommodating two thousand people with the larger vessels hosting over six thousand passengers. The girls earned commission monthly, received free accommodation, uniforms, four meals a day, free use of all the gym and entertainment venues on board, free medical as well as days off trips to the various Cities or Islands trips. They also received tips from clients, which is what they lived off weekly, not touching their earned commission.  Three of the candidates received Stiener Employee of the month, one candidate was promoted to Deputy Manager, one candidate was re-employed with immediate effect to join a larger vessel in Turkey and one candidate was offered the opportunity to study further in London at no cost as a masseur and then join her vessel in Greece for an eight month contract.

All students returning were assisted with investing their earnings at Nedbank and are currently employed at Spas around Gauteng or in private practice; the Rene Institute of Beauty has employed two candidates.

Stiener congratulated AERCT for the high quality of candidate.



Successful candidates were, Nombuso Ncube, Nokuthula Tshabangu, Duduzile Ngwenya, Phumele Mnguni, Patricia Baartman, Uluphiwe Mnisi, Ruby Booi, Phila Qabazi, Maudelene Mokoena, Phindile Nhlengethwe, Goodness Nkosi and Chantelle Putter