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Charity Begins at Home

Afrisun Trust’s 10 year commitment to communities in Ekurhuleni (Ekurhuleni , 28 February 2011) Over the past ten years, communities throughout the Ekurhuleni region have benefitted to the tune of R25-million through The Afrisun East Rand Community Trust (AERCT). The Afrisun Trust, a shareholder in Carnival City Casino which has committed an additional R16-million in […]

Heidelberg SPCA

A further Eleven Thousand Rand Further funding of Eleven Thousand Rand was allocated to the Heidelberg SPCA. As the entire SPCA building was repaired, the kennels renovated and security lighting installed, it was decided to complete the SPCA with a further grant to repair three existing cattery kennels and install four new cattery kennels.

Heidelberg SPCA – Heidleberg

Fourty Thousand Rand The refurbishment of the kennels, purchase and supply of all material for a cattery, Security lighting and the painting of the existing building.