Charity Begins at Home

Fun D RaiserAfrisun Trust’s 10 year commitment to communities in Ekurhuleni

(Ekurhuleni , 28 February 2011) Over the past ten years, communities throughout the Ekurhuleni region have benefitted to the tune of R25-million through The Afrisun East Rand Community Trust (AERCT).

The Afrisun Trust, a shareholder in Carnival City Casino which has committed an additional R16-million in CSI spending for many joint projects, focuses on improving skills development and employment creation projects in social health and welfare, arts and culture, education, sports and animal welfare.

Since 2001, more than 240 diverse communities have received not only financial assistance, but also the continued commitment of time and other practical resources.  According to the Afrisun Trust’s CEO Sandy Hattingh, “real giving and community upliftment requires a lot more than a formal cheque handover and a quick hello and goodbuy.  When we adopt a community or a project, we remain involved.  We become partners with that community.  Our responsibility and involvement doesn’t end with the press photos.”

The aged, the orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected and desperate have all found willing ears and ready assistance from the Trust.

The many and varied projects range from giving financial support for cricket development and the Ekurhuleni Children’s Choir, to refurbishing the SPCA kennels in Heidelberg, offering bursaries, playing Santa to orphans, working as volunteers in hospitals during the 2010 public-sector strike and even donating a popcorn machine to set an enterprising  young man up in business.

From food to linen, to blankets, kitchen equipment, clothes, bathrooms and every other form of practical assistance, Chairman Mr Gibson Thula, together with CEO Sandy Hatting and trustees Mrs N Mboweni, Dr Z Ncgwabe, Bishop T Tshabangu and Mr C Louw give the same considered attention to every request they receive.

No project is considered to small, and no district too far to be deemed worthy by Afrisun Trustees who continue to live up to the core values of integrity, honesty, mutual respect, objectivity, fairness, trustworthiness and transparency.

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