Pholosong Philani Clinic – Tsakane

One Hundred and Twenty Thousand

A Government Hospital in the Far East Ekurhuleni District serving an estimated population of 355 070 with between 43 to 56 rape cases reported monthly and the HIV/AIDS figures growing daily it was decided to establish Philani Clinic.

A trauma, counseling, HIV/AIDS Centre in the heart of the Pholosong Hospital.

All renovations were done by the AERCT, office equipment and computers purchased, reception area furnished, child friendly room equipped and furnished, HIV/AIDS counseling office, a waiting area for 30 patients, and a dispensary was refurbished and supplied with equipment and furniture. A fully equipped examination room for Rape and Sexual abuse victims.

Services offered:
Post Exposure Prophylaxis – which is a from of Anti Retroviral Treatment
Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
HIV/AIDS Education and Support

Due to the overwhelming support and motivation of the staff backed with the financial support from Afrisun, the Philane Clinic has just been awarded National Accreditation as an ART roll out point.