Report for the quarter April to June 2013

Total spend for the quarter was R2,780,877.88

Project Description  Amount Category
SCI Com Booster

Sci-Com Foundation is an organization that runs Saturday and Vocational School operational under the umbrella of Brakpan High School. This project is a joint venture Sponsorship with Carnival City.

Their main objective of Sci-Com Foundation is to help learners improve their Grade 12 results in Mathematics, Accounting, Physical Science and Computers Application Technology.

R100,000.00 Education
EJCC Cricket Bursary Annual sponsorship towards the identification and development of cricket in the black communities
Of Ekurhuleni region. The project aim to identify black cricketers from our catchment area.
R350,000.00 Sport
Red-carpet Marketing Red-carpet Marketing is a hospitality school based in Brakpan. AERCT committed to sponsor the school with an amount of R300, 000.00. In this quarter, two-thirds of the amount has already been given to the school.    R200,000.00 Education
Tokyo Gardens Crèche AERCT committed to 3 month project of revamping Tokyo Gardens Crèche’s building. Phase 1 of the revamp is complete. The full budgeted amount for this project is R100 000.00 R48,576.66 Social
Madiba Project Trustees identified students and assisted with registration fees for higher education institutions. R95,250.00  Social
Winter Blankets and Food Parcels In this quarter, AERCT, in association with Carnival City, distributed food parcels and blankets around Ekurhuleni.  R209,925.26 Social
Molo Enterprise Xoli Ndoyiya, former president Nelson Mandela’s chef, has written a book. AERCT contributed
R200, 000.00 in the publishing of the book.
R200,000.00 Social
Agang Sechaba fund It is an educational fund that assists children from underprivileged backgrounds. AERCT committed to a 3 year sponsorship amounting to a total of
R300, 000.00. R100, 000.00 is paid each year.
R100,000.00 Education
Hydro International College AERCT sponsored 30 students from Ekurhuleni to do a one year beauty therapy course at the Hydro International College. The total spend will be
R1 400 000.00 and the rest of the expenditure will be reported quarterly.
R400,000.00 Social
Royal Hair Academy AERCT sponsored 10 students to do a one year Hair course at the Royal Hair Academy. The total spend will be R300, 000.00. Half of the money has been paid and the rest will be reported in the next quarter. R150,000.00 Education
Vardos Football Club AERCT sponsored Vardos Football Club with an amount of R124, 500.00 for their participation in the Ekurhuleni soccer tournament. R124, 500.00 Sports
Ekurhuleni Woman Basketball tournament An amount of R115, 872.00 was spent for the teams’ uniform and prizes for the tournament. R115,872.00 Sports
Eaglet home care AERCT sponsored the Eaglet home care with an amount of R179, 914.75 for buying Montessori educational material. R179,914.75 Education
Steiner Girls welcome party AERCT did a welcome party for the Steiner girls in celebration of their achievements R20,985.48 Social
Business seminar This joint venture between AERCT & Carnival City saw small businesses from all over Ekurhuleni being invited to a day seminar. SARS, Nedbank, DTI & NYDA, were in attendance to assist with the registering of companies & applications for business funding. SME’s working for AERCT & Carnival City were also invited to share their success stories. R88,788.24 Social
Maslow Function AERCT hosted all the students that they have sponsored over the past years in celebrating their achievements and successes. R354,452.54 Education
Giving Sight Project Annual project, whereby 54 patients from Thokoza Home for the Aged, in Thokoza each received a new pair of spectacles. R31,292.75 Social
Pensioner Day   60 pensioners from disadvantaged townships within Ekurhuleni were treated to a special day out at Lotta Foods Restaurant. R11,320.20 Social
Total   2,780,877.88  

In the several meetings we had with the Majors office, it seemed as if the was a way forward but no progress has been seen in the projects discussed in the meetings. Inquiries were made concerning the revamping of the netball courts around Kwa Thema but there was no response from the Mayor’s office. At this stage, the projects are at a standstill.

Mandela Children’s fund

The Mandela Children’s fund requested a sponsorship for their projects.  AERCT committed to giving R300, 000.00 to the children’s fund. The meeting that we planned to have with them was put on hold due to the illness of the former president, Nelson Mandela. The money was supposed to be presented on Mandela day.

Mandela project
It was decided on the last board meeting that the Mandela project should be divided into three: Mandela Day, Mandela Registration and Mandela Education. The amount for each is R40, 000.00, R40, 000.00, R60, 000.00 respectively. The total amount allocated is R140, 000.00.

SCI Com Booster
There was an outstanding amount of R100, 000.00 in last year’s commitment; a new proposal is yet to be approved.

EJCC Cricket Bursary

Red-carpet Marketing

Tokyo Gardens Crèche


Madiba Project


Winter Blankets and Food Parcels
Molo Enterprise

Agang Sechaba fund

Hydro International College

Royal Hair Academy

Vardos Football Club

Vardos Football Club

Ekurhuleni Woman Basketball tournament

Eaglet home care

Steiner Girls welcome party

Business seminar


Maslow Function